The Burglar and the Blizzard

TheBurglarAndTheBlizzardThe Burglar and the Blizzard – A Christmas Story by Alice Duer Miller.

This is a story not so much about Christmas as about three characters who find themselves in a country house during a blizzard. The characters are formal and proper as befits the time period of the story, but they’re in an absurd situation as one is a burglar, one is the owner of the house, and the third is a young woman who is completely unaware of the hidden meanings in the conversations between the burglar and the burgled as they negotiate the situation without alarming the young lady by telling her of the burglary. The burglar is a likeable rogue and the home owner is equally likeable for his reactions to the many absurd things that happen as they wait out the blizzard. A great ending that will make you smile.

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