Knitting and Crocheting Package

KnittingAndCrochetingKnitting and Crocheting Package is an extensive collection of information and patterns for those who want to learn how to knit and/or crochet. Once you have mastered these skills you may even be able to start your very own crafts business. If not it is an enjoyable hobby. You can make your friends and family some very nice gifts as well. Each subject or pattern is separated into individual booklets.

The booklets included are:
3 Hat Patterns
Basic Crochet Instructions
Bathrobe Pattern
Bed Socks Pattern
Diamond Pattern Shawl
Easy Pullover Pattern
Hanger Covers pattern
Hooded Scarf Pattern
How to Knit Basics
Knit Lace Edging Pattern
Knit Tea Cozy Pattern
Knit versus Crochet
Knitting Instructions
Make a Quillow
Needle Conversion Chart Knitting
General Patterns
Raglan Sweater Pattern
Twist Mittens Patterns
Understanding Patterns and Abbreviations
Wedding Favors and Gifts

These eBooks are in Acrobat Reader PDF format and zipped together to save space on our servers. The file is 1.9MB