Insiders Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks

AmazonInsidersGuideCoverInsider’s Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks is a comprehensive resource of information for the Full or Part-Time RVer wishing to know more about volunteer workamping in Florida. We have compiled a listing of every single volunteer workamping assignment available in Florida public land areas including our state parks, state forests, state wildlife management areas; out National parks, forests and wildlife refuge areas; county owned and run campground areas; non-profits organizations and much more. These public land areas depend on volunteers to help the park’s personnel maintain the areas and to keep them available to the public. You will meet some interesting people, learn new skills, be a teacher, enjoy the great outdoors and have access to some of Florida’s most beautiful natural habitats.

In exchange for about 20 to 30 hours per week you will get a free campsite with water, electricity as well as most with sewers on-site or dump stations nearby. Some offer free laundry facilities and access to canoes/kayaks and much more. We list all these places, where they are located, whom to contact, what hours they require, what you get in exchange for working, some of the duties they ask of their volunteers and what time of year they need the most help. This is a great resource for college students looking to get some extra credit during the summer or teachers who want to get a new perspective on our Florida history, ecology and environment to share with their students in the Fall. This version of our eBook includes excerpts from some of the Agency’s Volunteer Handbooks, applications for volunteers and some of the forms used by the volunteers in the Appendix section. We hope you will enjoy this eBook and tell all your friends.