A Quick Guide to Stuffing Stockings

AQuickieGuideToStuffingStockingsA Quick Guide to Stuffing Stockings – ANYBODY can slap a bunch of junk into a sock and call it a Christmas stocking. But, when done right and with a healthy supply of enthusiasm, your family’s Christmas stockings can become a very special tradition that you and your family look forward to every year.

Table of Contents:
Assessing Each Stocking (4) What About Stocking Stuffer Sizes? (5) What kind of Treats should I include? (5) Christmas Ornaments and Momentos (6) Practical Items (6) Educational Toys and Sets (6) Gag Gifts (7) Gift Certificates and Cards (7) Pleasant Stuffers (7) Stocking Stuffing Do’s and Don’ts (7) Have Fun With It! (8) Appendix: More Stocking Stuffer Ideas (9)

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